Gen:Thrive is a collaborative initiative that provides shared data and technology tools to accelerate sustainability education and advance health, equity and climate resilience in K-12 youth and schools.

Gen:Thrive offers a data-driven approach to explore local community needs, identify partnership opportunities, and amplify resources focused on environmental literacy, climate justice, healthy school buildings, outdoor learning, and green workforce development.

Joining forces across all states and sectors, Gen:Thrive aims to provide our field with the tools, information, and insights needed to foster the next generation of resilient sustainability leaders.

How to Use These Resources

Service Providers

  • Explore community needs including health, equity and climate risks
  • Discover opportunities for strategic collaborations 
  • Learn how your K-12 and youth offerings relate to other programs


  • Access a comprehensive directory of K-12 environmental resources
  • Strengthen place-based learning and climate resilience with classroom tools
  • Understand the types of programs offered in your region and gaps in environmental education services


  • Examine connections between K-12 youth, schools, climate, equity, and health
  • Identify trends and gaps of program offerings in your region 
  • Explore local and state policies and resources for K-12 climate action

The State of Sustainability Education & K-12 Green Schools

Gen:Thrive is growing every day, as it is enriched with fresh data sets, new national programs and resources, and local maps and directories developed in collaboration with state partners.

Tools and Resources


State Partners


Service Providers


Programs & Resources

Discover community needs and explore the intersection of K-12 youth, schools, equity, climate risks, pollutants, health, green jobs, policy, and other data sets using our robust ArcGIS maps and network analysis tools.

Screen Shot of Education Resource Map

Climate, Equity & Education Map

Uncover needs and opportunities at the intersection of K-12 audiences, equity, climate risks, pollutants, health, green jobs, and other data sets using our robust interactive map.

Screen Shot of Interactive Map

Interactive Directories

Explore and compare state policies that address green schools and K-12 climate resilience across the United States. These directories are the result of a research project furthered by the Aspen Institute’s K-12 Climate Action Initiative and EcoRise.

Educational Resources

Search our database for programs and filter by region, environmental topics, offerings, ages served, and more. The database allows for viewing and exporting field-trend visualizations as well as contact information.

K-12 Programs & Resources

Select a theme below to explore related K-12 programs and resources. Every day we are adding new providers, so check back often to see which states and organizations are now participating.

Thank you to our allies and supporters!