Joining Forces for Greater Impact

Gen:Thrive is driven by the collaborative spirit and collective efforts of hundreds of advisors, partners, and participating organizations. By joining forces, we’ve been able to significantly expand the impact of our efforts to reach more people and support various efforts related to K-12 climate resilience, environmental education, green schools, and more.

From student engagement to school-district planning efforts, to state and national fieldbuilding, Gen:Thrive has risen out of a community that shares a vision of accelerating sustainability education and advancing health, equity, and climate resilience initiatives in K-12 schools.

Below is a list of Gen:Thrive partners who have contributed time, resources, and thought leadership to this effort. Gen:Thrive continues to grow every day. If you are interested in learning how you can join our community, we invite you to reach out!

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Key Partners

The Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance is an eight-state collaboration between the environmental education affiliates of the North American Association for Environmental Education in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. SEEA initiates, leads, participates in and supports projects and programs that advance the role of environmental education in the southeast. In 2021, SEEA was funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Pisces Foundation to conduct a comprehensive study of environmental education efforts in the southeast. Completed in partnership with GenThrive, this study helped SEEA to address gaps, allocate resources more effectively, and, ultimately, meet the goal of increasing environmental literacy levels and stewardship behaviors in the southeast. For more information about SEEA and its regional landscape analysis, please visit

The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) leads environmental literacy and green workforce development initiatives across the state. LDOE partnered with EcoRise to bring Gen:Thrive to Louisiana in 2020 and has since conducted two rounds of data collection to map EE service providers and inform the development of green career pathways for high school students in the states.

The Center for Green Schools is a global leader in advancing green schools and providing the resources needed to create sustainable, healthy, resilient, and equitable learning environments. CGS is driving the green school movement by working directly with those implementing sustainability within school systems and offering a wide array of initiatives that accelerate action. As a long-time partner of EcoRise, the Center for Green Schools is playing a key role in mapping green school buildings and district sustainability leadership across the country. In addition, CFGS and EcoRise have worked together to host convenings and inform the development of Gen:Thrive.

Austin Independent School District has partnered with EcoRise to pilot a Climate, Equity, and Environmental Education Assessment.  This project focuses on using Gen:Thrive mapping at the hyper-local level in order to inform district strategies and create specific sustainability education, climate equity, and resilience plans.

AT&T has collaborated with Gen:Thrive by providing funding and tools that can influence data-driven decisions  for a more climate-resilient society. Their  Climate Resiliency Project helps assess the level of risk within communities and brings data to the individuals, universities, and local governments who need it most. 

State & Regional Partners

National Collaborators

Advisors & Supporters