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Alaska Natural Resource and Outdoor Education Association (ANROE)

ANROE collaborates with organizations, agencies, individuals & school districts to provide education resources, training, & networking opportunities about Alaska’s natural resources. Through its newsletter, mailing list & forums, ANROE members share information about environmental education tools, techniques, employment and professional development opportunities. We seek to implement the Alaska Natural Resource and Environmental Literacy Plan. ANROE is funded by memberships, sponsors and grants.

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Gen:Thrive, a program of EcoRise, is a collaborative initiative that provides shared data and technology tools to accelerate sustainability and advance health, equity and climate resilience in K–12 schools.

Project Overview

Through survey participation from partnering organizations, this project aims to create an interactive collection of environmental education resources across our entire state with an innovative GIS map and a user-friendly dashboard that will display organizations, programs, and data for Alaska. A major goal for this project is to increase environmental literacy and promote stewardship in Alaska through identifying current programs being executed and then identifying gaps in such existing resources. We strive to enhance the impact of environmental education in Alaska.

At the end of this project there will be:

1) an interactive map

2) locator dashboard

3) data collection and analysis

4) searchable resources for environmental education happening across the entire state of Alaska.


Project Expected Outcomes

  1. Increased Environmental Literacy & Stewardship:
    • Educators are connected to useful resources that are quality and accessible.
    • More students will be connected to environmental learning experiences that will foster a deeper understanding of the natural world and promote stewardship.
  2. Resource Optimization:
    • The map will identify gaps in environmental education services being offered by subject and location.
    • Will create strategic planning for resources to go towards the identified gaps, aiming to minimize those gaps.
  3. Creation of Collaborative Partnerships:
    • Connects educators and environmental education service providers.
    • Creates a space for knowledge-sharing and collaboration building on local and statewide levels.
  4. Informed Decision-Making:
    • Provides valuable insights into the landscape of environmental education in Alaska.
    • Equips decision-makers with data-driven information to shape programs, policies and future planning.


Project Next Steps

Collecting data is the first step in this project. The more data we collect, the clearer the full picture will be of the environmental education that is happening in our state. The next step will be the creation of the user-friendly map and dashboard that will be available for all to utilize to find types of programs, organizations, and local environmental education happening in Alaska. The map will live on the GenThrive site but will be accessible to all through ANROE’s website. From there, we hope to bring environmental education and resources to those areas that are identified in need of them through this data collection.

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