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EcoRise is a nonprofit organization working at the intersection of K–12 sustainability education, climate resilience, and environmental justice. EcoRise offers a range of curricula and programs for students, teachers, school districts, and partners that are designed to advance environmental literacy, promote sustainable schools, and provide equitable access to green career pathways.

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Gen:Thrive, a program of EcoRise, is a collaborative initiative that provides shared data and technology tools to accelerate sustainability and advance health, equity and climate resilience in K–12 schools.

Project Overview

Welcome to Gen:Thrive! Our goal is to better understand the state of environmental education programs across the country and to build technology tools that help organizations expand their impact and reach more students and schools. Over the last three years, nearly 1,000 organizations have participated, contributing to the creation of dashboards and directories, as well as our Climate, Equity and Environmental Education maps. These resources are publicly available and shared with community leaders and school districts to inform and advance K-12 sustainability education, green schools and climate justice. To learn more about Gen:Thrive, you can read more here.

Who should be involved? Any service providers that offer programs or resources for youth and K-12 schools focused on environmental education, climate resilience, environmental justice, green schools, outdoor learning, food and nutrition, health and wellness, conservation, green jobs, and related topics. Such programs could be classroom-based or off-campusformal and informal, and can include broader beneficiaries, such as district administrators, Pre-K children and families.

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