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Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation

The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is the state's lead natural resource conservation agency. DCR protects what Virginians care about - natural habitat, parks, clean water, dams, open space and access to the outdoors. Within DCR, the Office of Environmental Education, aims to collaboratively engage organizations to support non-formal and formal educators in order to cultivate environmentally literate k-12 graduates throughout the state of Virginia.

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Gen:Thrive, a program of EcoRise, is a collaborative initiative that provides shared data and technology tools to accelerate sustainability and advance health, equity and climate resilience in K–12 schools.

Project Overview

This project aims to establish an interactive statewide collection of environmental education
resources, featuring an innovative GIS map and a user-friendly dashboard to facilitate program
location and data compilation. This initiative aims to elevate environmental literacy levels and
promote stewardship behaviors throughout Virginia. By identifying gaps in existing resources
and optimizing resource allocation, we strive to enhance the impact of environmental
education across the state.

Key Components

1. Interactive GIS Map:

  • Facilitates the mapping of environmental education service providers.
  • Enables detailed data collection to visualize the distribution of resources across Virginia.
  • Provides a dynamic tool for educators to explore and engage with local and statewide offerings.

2. Teacher Locator Dashboard:

  • Allows teachers to easily locate environmental education resources tailored to their specific needs.
  • Enhances collaboration by connecting educators with regional partners and resources.
  • Optimizes the allocation of resources for more effective implementation.

3. Data Collection and Analysis:

  • Systematically collects data on environmental education service providers.
  • Identifies specific needs and areas with potential gaps in resources.
  • Empowers providers to assess the environmental education landscape on both local and statewide scales.

4. Searchable Resources:

  • Establishes a comprehensive directory of environmental education resources.
  • Enables users to search and locate resources based on their geographic location and specific requirements.
  • Fosters collaboration by connecting educators with resources that align with their teaching objectives.

Project Overview

1. Increased Environmental Literacy:

  • Empowers educators with accessible, high-quality resources.
  • Promotes interactive learning experiences for students, fostering a deeper understanding of environmental issues.

2. Stewardship Behaviors:

  • Encourages responsible environmental practices among students and the community.
  • Cultivates a sense of environmental stewardship by connecting individuals with impactful resources.

3. Resource Optimization:

  • Identifies gaps in environmental education service provision.
  • Enables strategic allocation of resources to address identified needs, maximizing

4. Collaborative Partnerships:

  • Strengthens collaboration between educators and environmental education
    service providers.
  • Establishes a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and partnership
    building on regional and statewide levels.

5. Informed Decision-Making:

  • Provides valuable insights into the landscape of environmental education in
  • Equips decision-makers with data-driven information to shape policies and

Project Next Steps

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