Bayou Citizen Science Program – Bayou City Investigation Kit

Bayou Preservation Association offers our Bayou City Investigation Kits, which allow youth to learn about topics such as water quality, riparian habitat, and native species. The kit comes with a water sample bottle, sample vials, water test strips, and an activity book to walk through the process of collecting and understanding the data from local parks and waterways! These are great at-home or classroom activities, and instructions are self-led.

  • Curriculum & instructional materials, Direct teaching, Materials & supplies, Supporting networks (online/in-person)
  • Students: 1st Grade, Students: 2nd Grade, Students: 3rd Grade, Students: 4th Grade, Students: 5th Grade, Students: 6th Grade, Students: 7th Grade, Students: 8th Grade, Teachers/Administrators, Informal Educators, General Public/Family
    During school day
  • After school
  • Summer
  • Weekends
  • Conservation (Wildlife/Habitat)
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Water
Academic AlignmentAcademic Alignment
    This program/offering is not correlated to any academic standards.
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