CELF’s professional learning model is customized to meet the needs of each school or district. It integrates local environmental assets and challenges into customized place-based curriculum units. The concepts of sustainability are universal, but every district and school starts from a different place. Whether you have a handful of knowledgeable teachers, one enthusiastic administrator or a new green building, CELF can help you take the next steps toward infusing your curriculum and school culture with education for a sustainability.

  • Curriculum & instructional materials, Professional development/consulting for administrators, Professional development/consulting for teachers, Supporting networks (online/in-person)
  • Pre-K/Early Childhood, Pre-Service Educators/College Students, Teachers/Administrators, Informal Educators
    On school campus
  • Off campus
  • Virtual
    During school day
  • After school
  • Evenings
  • Air Quality
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Justice
  • Outdoor Learning
  • STEM
Academic AlignmentAcademic Alignment
    Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Common Core English Language Arts
  • Common Core Math
  • National Career & Technical Education Standards
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