Colorado Collective for Nature-Based Early Education

We are a network of providers and advocates across the state of Colorado who provide programs of all types with community, resources, and intentional support so that understanding increases, barriers are removed, and providers are enabled to do this critical work. We work together to develop projects requested by members that are necessary to create sustainable access to nature-based education for all children.

  • Curriculum & instructional materials, Direct teaching, Professional development/consulting for administrators, Professional development/consulting for teachers, Supporting networks (online/in-person), Other : training partnered with personalized coaching to deepen learning transfer, peer-to-peer networking, systems-level infrastructure work
  • Pre-K/Early Childhood, Kindergarden, 2nd Grade Students / Youth, 3rd Grade Students / Youth, 4th Grade Students / Youth, 5th Grade Students / Youth, 6th Grade Students / Youth, Pre-Service Educators/College Students, Teachers/Administrators, Informal Educators, General Public/Family
    During school day
  • After school
  • Summer
  • Conservation (Wildlife/Habitat)
  • Environmental Justice
  • Food Systems/Nutrition
  • Green Building
  • Outdoor Learning
  • STEM
  • Water
  • Workforce Development
Academic AlignmentAcademic Alignment
  • Other
  • Possibly others upon request
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