Gateway Mountain Center- Sierra Experience

Sierra Experience offers outdoor programs for youth of all ages and demographics. Our programs are infused with elements of social emotional learning, environmental education, empowerment activities and bonding fun. We host programs on Donner Summit for a customizable amount of days for schools and collaborating non-profits. We also host Summer Camps including a Rock Climbing Camp and YEA! camps which are free to under-resourced youth.

  • Direct teaching, Field trips, Internships, Professional development/consulting for teachers, Other : Mental Health Care for youth
  • 3rd Grade Students / Youth, 4th Grade Students / Youth, 5th Grade Students / Youth, 6th Grade Students / Youth, 7th Grade Students / Youth, 8th Grade Students / Youth, 9th Grade Students / Youth, 10th Grade Students / Youth, 11th Grade Students / Youth, 12th Grade Students / Youth, Pre-Service Educators/College Students, Teachers/Administrators, Informal Educators, General Public/Family
    During school day
  • After school
  • Evenings
  • Summer
  • Weekends
  • Climate Change
  • Conservation (Wildlife/Habitat)
  • Environmental Justice
  • Food Systems/Nutrition
  • Outdoor Learning
  • STEM
  • Water
  • Workforce Development
  • Other
  • : Mindfulness Based Substance Use Treatment
Academic AlignmentAcademic Alignment
    Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Spanish
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