Living Classroom After School/Enrichment

Living Classroom provides garden-based Science and Environmental Education for TK-6th grade Students Living Classroom's mission is to inspire children to learn about and to value the natural world through garden-based education. We strive to make education come alive and to empower the next generation by growing environmental champions, inquisitive learners, and healthy eaters who know where their food comes from. We normally provide services to multiple school sites or all schools within a school district as opposed to one school.

  • Classroom volunteers/presenters, Curriculum & instructional materials, Direct teaching, Grant funding, Materials & supplies
  • Pre-K/Early Childhood, Kindergarden, 2nd Grade Students / Youth, 3rd Grade Students / Youth, 4th Grade Students / Youth, 5th Grade Students / Youth, 6th Grade Students / Youth
    During school day
  • Conservation (Wildlife/Habitat)
  • Food Systems/Nutrition
  • Outdoor Learning
  • STEM
  • Water
Academic AlignmentAcademic Alignment
    Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Common Core English Language Arts
  • Common Core Math
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