mySci is a signature program of the Institute for School Partnership at Washington University in St. Louis. mySci is dedicated to creating equity in science learning through hands-on, inquiry-based curriculum that nurtures critical thinking and creativity. mySci empowers schools to cultivate curiosity-driven education by assembling everything educators need to teach high-quality science. We provide continually updated NGSS and MLS standards-aligned curriculum, teaching strategies, learning materials, and ongoing support.mySci supports teachers to instill a love of science in their students through lessons that are phenomena-based, designed for 5E learning progression, and build on students’ prior knowledge. The curriculum is centered around solving real-world problems through experiential learning and critical thinking. mySci K-5 curriculum consists of 25 units. All are available on Google Docs and include lesson plans, student journals, answer keys, background information, assessments, lesson slides and tutorials for the hands-on kit materials.

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