One Cool Earth’s School Garden Program

One Cool Earth's School Garden Program provides a dedicated, weekly Garden Educator to each partner school to lead Next Generation Science Standards aligned curriculum in the garden classroom. Our program focuses on the three main pillars of food, water and waste. The program aims to build student well-being, encourage community, and environmental stewardship. In addition to during the school day programming, our Garden Educators also leads add-ons such as family cooking classes, waste audits, fieldtrips and afterschool farmstands.

  • Curriculum & instructional materials, Direct teaching, Field trips
  • Kindergarden, 2nd Grade Students / Youth, 3rd Grade Students / Youth, 4th Grade Students / Youth, 5th Grade Students / Youth, 6th Grade Students / Youth, 7th Grade Students / Youth, 8th Grade Students / Youth, 9th Grade Students / Youth, 10th Grade Students / Youth, 11th Grade Students / Youth, 12th Grade Students / Youth
    During school day
  • Climate Change
  • Food Systems/Nutrition
  • Marine & Coastal
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Waste
  • Water
Academic AlignmentAcademic Alignment
    Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Spanish
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