Preserving Biodiversity

How do humans benefit from and maintain biodiverse ecosystems? Guided by this question, student scientists will investigate the health of the San Elijo Lagoon ecosystem. Throughout the program, students will collect data indicating biodiversity, discuss ecosystem services to humans, and make claims about how humans can impact our natural systems. The complete Preserving Biodiversity learning unit is aligned to NGSS MS-ESS3-3, MS-LS2-5, and includes lessons that lead up to and follow up the field trip experience.
Location: San Elijo Lagoon

  • Curriculum & instructional materials, Direct teaching, Field trips
  • 6th Grade Students / Youth, 7th Grade Students / Youth, 8th Grade Students / Youth, 9th Grade Students / Youth, 10th Grade Students / Youth, 11th Grade Students / Youth, 12th Grade Students / Youth
    During school day
  • Summer
  • Conservation (Wildlife/Habitat)
  • Outdoor Learning
  • STEM
Academic AlignmentAcademic Alignment
    Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
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