Pueblo Zoo ZooALIVE Teen Volunteers

The ZooALIVE volunteer program is an opportunity for teens to engage with zoo visitors by sharing their interests in animals and conservation. ZooALIVE teens are trained to be interpretive guides during an intensive, week-long course. ZooALIVE members are taught how to handle ambassador animals and learn techniques for animal presentations and informal conservation lessons. Additionally, they learn about how zoos operate, what careers are available in the zoo world, and how zoos have evolved into vital conservation hubs.

  • Classroom volunteers/presenters, Direct teaching, Other : Youth Development
  • 7th Grade Students / Youth, 8th Grade Students / Youth, 9th Grade Students / Youth, 10th Grade Students / Youth, 11th Grade Students / Youth, 12th Grade Students / Youth
    After school
  • Summer
  • Weekends
  • Air Quality
  • Climate Change
  • Conservation (Wildlife/Habitat)
  • Energy
  • Food Systems/Nutrition
  • Marine & Coastal
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Waste
  • Water
Academic AlignmentAcademic Alignment
    Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Other
  • : NAAEE Guidelines for Excellence
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