Canopy is an urban forestry nonprofit that plants and cares for trees where people need them the most. Our mission is to grow urban tree canopy in Midpeninsula communities for the benefit of all. Canopy prioritizes tree planting and stewardship, education, and advocacy in communities where people do not have a thriving urban forest due to limited resources, competing priorities, and historical development and urbanization patterns. We offer both youth and adult education programs in the form of K-12 standards-aligned lessons, high school internships, a Community Forestry School for adults, and planting and tree care workdays open to volunteers of all ages. Our K-12 education programs provide hands-on, outdoor activities that develop students’ science and engineering skills while encouraging curiosity and wonder about trees and nature. Lessons have also been adapted for interactive virtual delivery. Canopy lessons cover a range of topics related to trees including biodiversity, tree defenses, structure and function, value to humans and wildlife, and trees’ role in mitigating climate change through the sequestration of carbon.


Sector: Nonprofit Organization


3921 E Bayshore Road
Palo Alto CA 94303

With their focus split between guiding students through nature-based wellness practices and sharing salient tree biol…

9th Grade Students / Youth
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K-2 lessons: students learn about tree structure and function and how different tree species in an area support other…

1st Grade Students / Youth
2nd Grade Students / Youth
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4th Grade Students / Youthmore...
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