Community Roots Garden

A whole acre of rich Oxnard soil, a bunch of caring people and a dream
Imagine a time and space where everyone has their hands on the land, fruit trees growing abundantly all around, a few hummingbirds fluttering in along the eucalyptus trees and a hawk perched on a sturdy branch just over the compost area, standing guard, keeping the rodent population balanced. Abundant, fresh, wholesome foods shared and or traded. Kids sowing seeds and teens proud of the kale that they grew, eagerly eating and sharing it. Community relates to one another on how their health is much better since they started coming out to the garden and are not eating processed foods. A feeling and sight of vibrancy and vitality with varying abilities and capabilities sharing and creating time and space which is deeply rooted in connection to the land.
We are an organic community garden located in Oxnard, Ca. We are deeply rooted in learning, knowledge sharing, growing and providing fresh wholesome foods in efforts to help co-create a healthier and ecologically sustainable food system in relation to the land and all its living creations. We are a BIPOC focused space that is constantly learning to create more inclusivity and ability in and within the garden/farm.


1801 Joliet Pl
Oxnard CA 93033

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