ECOLIFE Conservation

ECOLIFE’s mission is to protect wildlife, natural resources, and the people that depend on them. Founded in 2003, ECOLIFE Conservation is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to a world where people and nature prosper together. We approach conservation by transforming the way people grow, access, and cook food. Our educational programming introduces innovative agriculture and environmental science to classrooms, while our community-based aquaponic projects support sustainable food systems and increase food security. Since 2014, ECOLIFE has donated more than 780 ECO-Cycle Aquaponic Kits--along with our K-12 curriculum--to classrooms across the country, prioritizing Title-1 schools and reaching more than 140,000 students with hands-on STEM education. ECOLIFE’s international efforts focus on building life-saving stoves in rural households in Michoaca?n, Mexico, so families can breathe clean air and consume 60% less wood than traditional open-fire cooking.



Service Area: International


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