I Love A Clean San Diego

I Love A Clean San Diego (ILACSD) has worked to improve the health and beauty of San Diego for almost 70 years and continues to be a leading environmental organization in San Diego County connecting over 60,000 youth and adults with the local environment each year. I Love A Clean San Diego leads and inspires our community to actively conserve and enhance the environment through example, outreach, and local involvement. Our educational programs include: Classroom Presentations, After School Programs, and Community Workshops and Events. Help our vision of a zero-waste, litter-free, and environmentally engaged San Diego, come true!



Service Area: Local (city | town | county)


5797 Chesapeake Ct STE 200
San Diego CA 92123

Our hands-on and engaging presentations provide NGSS-aligned curriculum that cover topics including regional watershe…

Climate Change, Food Systems/Nutrition, Marine & Coastal, Waste, Water
Classroom volunteers/presenters
Curriculum & instructional materials
Direct teaching
2nd Grade Students / Youth
3rd Grade Students / Youth
4th Grade Students / Youth
5th Grade Students / Youth
6th Grade Students / Youthmore...
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