Monterey Bay Salmon & Trout Project

The mission of the Monterey Bay Salmon & Trout Project (MBSTP) is to preserve and recover genetically native populations of Salmon and Steelhead in streams and rivers with outlets in the Monterey Bay. MBSTP was created in 1976 to respond to the decimation of the local Coho salmon population, and to the declining local Steelhead populations. The MBSTP was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 1977, with 1,400 fish reared by a few citizens in a small pond. In 1982 the MBSTP received permission from landowner Big Creek Timber Company to restore and operate an abandoned fish hatchery facility. In the mid-1980’s, the STEP (Salmon & Trout Education Program) was created by volunteer science teachers. Programs: The MBSTP operates a hatchery and rearing facility to supplement the natural salmonids, which have been in decline due to habitat degradation and climate challenges. The objective is the reintroduction of native steelhead and especially Coho (silver) salmon into local streams where they were historically present. The MBSTP releases State hatchery produced Chinook salmon fingerlings into Monterey Bay waters to enhance the fishery. The MBSTP authored a k-12, 35-lesson NGSS experiential science curriculum with a salmonid focus known as STEP, which is supplemented with science field studies for students and virtual field trips. Periodically MBSTP offers a 2-day PD training with CEU credits for 20 – 25 teachers. Recent accomplishments: During 2015-16 the hatchery was redesigned and updated thanks to a $200,000 grant from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Improvements include a new filtration system and four circular 15’ tanks to provide ample flushing and current. In 2017 the Board voted to align the STEP curriculum with NGSS. In 2018 the 3rd – 5th grade STEP curriculum was revised lesson by lesson, to fully support the Next Generation Science Standards. In 2019 the revised curriculum was copyrighted.


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