Newport Bay Conservancy

The NBC conducts programs that are consistent with the four elements of our Strategic Plan: Education, Restoration, Research, and Watershed Management. NBC’s educational programs are focused on education of the public about the ecological value of the Upper Newport Bay and include intensive naturalist docent training, guided trail, kayak tours, marine life inventories of the Bay, topical workshops, symposia on issues relative to the Bay, and special events that attract the public to become aware of the Bay and its importance. For the past four years NBC has conducted the High School Field Trip Program, a major annual educational program in which up to 1,500 high school students are brought to the Bay for docent-led on-water tours and on-land mentored field studies. NBC collaborates with the California Coastal Commission’s Community-Based Restoration and Education Program to conduct the weekly and monthly restoration projects to restore the native ecosystems of the Bay and its watershed.


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We welcome classes of Pre-K through 5th grade to join us at the Muth Interpretive Center for fun and educational fiel…

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