Northcoast Regional Land Trust

Since 2000, the Northcoast Regional Land Trust has represented a community that cares about its land, water, and quality of life. Through strong collaborative partnerships with landowners and diverse communities, NRLT has permanently protected over 56,000 acres of wild and working landscapes in Northwestern California. Our environmental education field trip programs aim to emphasize compatible land use for healthy people and places by highlighting the success of coexisting fish habitat and sustainable agriculture at Freshwater Farms Reserve (FWFR), a demonstration property restored, owned, and operated by NRLT. Our purpose for these programs is to inspire understanding and respect for the land by supporting the development of students' relationship with it.


P.O. Box 398
Bayside CA 95524

This multi-day program includes an experiential field trip to Freshwater Farms Reserve and accompanying pre- and post…

3rd Grade Students / Youth
4th Grade Students / Youth
5th Grade Students / Youth
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