Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains

The mission of the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains is to improve stewardship of natural resources by encouraging practices that conserve our local resources for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Our RCD is composed of various departments all working together to further our mission.

Our Education Department offers high quality scientific outdoor education programs to students throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. This department also offers NGSS aligned classroom and distance learning opportunities that can be tailored to fit most curriculum needs.

Our Research & Restoration Department conducts vital research, restoration and monitoring efforts throughout the Santa Monica Mountains, protecting endemic threatened or endangered species including southern California steelhead trout, western pond turtle, red-legged tree frogs, tidewater gobies, and California newt. This department also works in the wildlands to protect and preserve our native oak woodlands, which are facing serious and ongoing threats from drought, deforestation and fire impacts.

Our Community Resilience Department provides vital wildfire education and services to members within and beyond the district we serve. This department aims to create a more resilient landscape while preserving and enhancing native habitat. Services include home ignition evaluations, community chipping services and community wildfire education classes and programs.

Our Outreach Department leads and coordinates various volunteer driven restoration events throughout the Santa Monica Mountains, including native plantings, creek clean-ups, and crayfish removals.

Our Landowner Assistance Department works with local landowners to create more environmentally sustainable homes. We do this through providing tips on how to install sustainable landscapes in your yard, helping landowners create more fire resilient homes and properties, and preparing requested biological assessments.

Lastly, our Planning and Design department, working in partnership with our Research and Restoration Department, participates in major local restoration projects including the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing, the redesign and restoration of Topanga and Malibu Lagoon, and the statewide improvement of fish passage for federally endangered southern California steelhead trout.


Sector: Government Organization

Service Area: Regional/Multi-County


540 S Topanga Canyon Blvd
Topanga CA 90290

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