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The Energy Coalition (TEC) is a California-based 501(c)3 nonprofit with over 45 years of experience designing and implementing behavior-focused strategies that transform the way communities access, think about, and use energy. TEC works collaboratively with local stakeholders to design and customize programs and projects that produce measurable, meaningful, and sustainable impacts as a social change organization. TEC has also worked alongside numerous industry professionals and organizations, and educational institutions throughout the state to customize and scale program offerings for each unique audience.

The Energy Coalition's (TEC) mission is to empower communities to leap into the future of clean energy. TEC envisions a future in which communities are energy-producing networks, and clean energy is affordable and accessible for everyone. TEC creates the building blocks for a new energy economy by bringing ideas, technology, and expertise to public agencies, businesses, educators, and more.

Energy is in everything we do—from turning on lights and faucets to driving cars and riding in airplanes to growing and cooking our food. Because of climate change and the rising popularity of renewable energy, the way we get the energy that powers our lives is changing. Fast. Students and educators need help to keep up with the clean energy revolution's challenges and opportunities. The Energy is Everything program strives to meet those needs and inspire students of all kinds to make sustainability a part of their everyday lives.

Energy is Everything introduces students to the Student Energy ACTIONS as a reminder to adopt sustainable behavior every day. Energy is Everything teaches students about high-value energy careers and gives students the tools they need to pursue them. California needs a skilled clean energy workforce to meet the demands of the energy industry as it changes. Energy is Everything is helping students to meet that need. Energy is Everything is a comprehensive energy education program focused on serving K-12 underserved students in California. It provides educators high quality, flexible training, and curriculum resources to help them teach energy and climate concepts with a STEM focus.



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Energy is in everything we do—from turning on lights and faucets to driving cars and riding in airplanes to growing …

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