The Greenway Foundation

We are a group of passionate stewards who care for the South Platte River, its tributaries, and the people who live, work, and play along its banks. We get up every morning to work on behalf of our community to restore and protect this priceless lifeline that flows through the heart of that very community. We provide access, expert education, and numerous opportunities for people of all ages to experience the wonders of our riverfront habitat.

We roll up our pants legs and literally jump in as we work with children and their families and we roll up our sleeves to advocate and expand support for a world-class riverfront. From family fishing expeditions to comprehensive region-wide flood mitigation, The Greenway Foundation is taking constant action to ensure a sustainable water future. We are bringing the community to the river and the river to the community.

Since 1974, we’ve been leading efforts to reclaim the South Platte River and its tributaries, transforming our community’s vital watershed from a virtual cesspool to a place of environmental and recreational pride. As we look to the future, we believe our work is just getting started.

As a Denver-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we love working with others, bringing all the right people together to make big things happen. The health and happiness of our neighborhoods depend on a vibrant riverfront. Please join us in investing in our river, our city, and the future of our shared community.



Service Area: Local (city | town | county)


1820 Platte St
Denver CO 80202

South Platte River Environmental Education (SPREE) has been introducing Denver area youth to the river through school…

Conservation (Wildlife/Habitat), Outdoor Learning, STEM, Water
Direct teaching
Field trips
summer camp, family events
Pre-K/Early Childhood
2nd Grade Students / Youth
3rd Grade Students / Youth
4th Grade Students / Youthmore...
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