Zovargo was founded in 2015 by a community-based group of dedicated volunteers (and animal ambassadors) who are committed to conservation stewardship, youth education and a love for animals of all species. Since its founding, Zovargo has served 106,000+ youth throughout San Diego County and beyond through award-winning educational programs. In 2022, we established the Zovargo Foundation as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to reach more youth who have less access to high-quality, hands-on enrichment programs than those from more affluent neighborhoods. This grant will support free and low-cost animal education programs for schools or groups who cannot afford program fees.

Zovargo programs are focused on building a connection between humans and animals, with a goal of inspiring youth to become stewards for conservation of animals and their habitats and reducing our ecological footprint. Zovargo “brings science to life” by partnering with schools, libraries, scout troops, and other community organizations and venues to bring programs on-site to meet students and the community where they are.

During Zovargo programs, participants engage with animals directly, seeing and feeling their unique characteristics and learning about their habitats. Our team of ambassadors includes a variety of birds including San Diego native species like falcons, owls, tortoises, snakes and even guinea pigs, a scorpion, lizards, a Bengal Cat, and much more. Through engaging program themes such as Ecosystem Explorers, Amazing Adaptations, and Flying Wild, participants are inspired to consider the importance of protecting the habitats of all animals so that they can thrive, and learn how they can make a difference in helping animals in San Diego ecosystems as well as habitats across our planet.

Zovargo’s educational programs are designed to:
? Create long-lasting positive memories for children through safe interactions with animals of a variety of species
? Foster curiosity through fun, engaging, and interactive learning techniques
? Teach age-appropriate STEM concepts in alignment with school curriculum
? Help students make connections between animals and the environment we share
? Empower youth to make a positive change to preserve animals, their habitat, and our planet



Service Area: Regional/Multi-County


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Jump into the world of animals! Learn about local wild animals and how to make sure we stay safe and our wild neighbo…

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